September 2013
 After our visit in June to St Oswalds we had two more visits in September, To St Catharines and to Mesnes Park.

Article November 2012

Members enjoying their meal

Article May 2012:

The Civic Trust Awards ceremony at the Museum of Life.

Article May 2012:

Sad News -- Trust Centenarian Mrs Hilda Calderbank died last November Aged 100yrs And 3 months. Hilda was a staunch supporter of the Trust. Attending many meetings at Drumcroon . I have only recently been notified of this.

Article September 2011:

Haigh Windmill

Article June 2011:

Restoration of the original ironwork to the railway bridge at Haigh.

Progress Update (June 2011):
The Local Authority has taken over this project. The Committee accept this as good news, to have the Restoration an official item on the Council List.
We will keep you updated.
Up and Coming Talks 2012

   June   A talk on The Crystal Palace

   July August  no meeting

   September Speaker to be confirmed

   October  Wigan Pewterers and their wares a talk by Mr J Ferguson of the Pewter Society. If you have any small pewter items which you would like to know more about please bring them along.

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